Our Policies

For same-day appointment requests and availability :

We cannot guarantee availability for same or next-day appointment requests. Please note that our online booking system is not set up to schedule appointments within 48 hours. For same-day appointment requests and any immediate appointment changes, we request that you call us directly at 773-763-9350. Thank you!



We understand that sometimes even with the best laid plans, showing up late happens. Out of respect for our stylists time, we kindly request that in the event that you are running late for a pre-scheduled appointment you please call us as soon as you realize it. Clients showing up less than 15 minutes late will still seen for their appointment on the same day. Clients showing up more than 15 minutes late without prior communication can expect to see at $20 late fee reflected on their bill at the end of their visit. Any guest that arrives later than 30 minutes past their scheduled appointment time will be considered a no-show and it is to their stylists discretion to decide if they must reschedule or if the stylist is still able to see them without interfering with other appointments that day (See the following policy regarding no-shows).



In the best consideration of our salon clients along with our team of stylists, we respectfully ask that a minimum of twenty-four hours notice is given for any appointment changes or cancellations. Should you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, a $25 per service cancelled fee does apply and will be due before a new appointment is scheduled. If we are able to fill the space, this fee will be waived.

We do our absolute best to ensure that our dear guests are reminded in a timely fashion about all appointments. If you have a pre-scheduled appointment, you can expect a phone call one week prior to your appointment and also a confirmation email 48 hours prior. Our goal is to eliminate the possibility of forgotten appointments, however in the event that you do not call to cancel or reschedule an appointment within 24 hours and do not show up, or in the event that you are more than 30 minutes delayed in arriving, a 50% of services booked fee does apply and will be automatically charged at the close of business on the date of the missed appointment. This ensures that your stylist be compensated for their time. 

In order to best accommodate the needs of your schedule and the upkeep of the maintenance of your hair, we recommend that each of our dear clients book their upcoming appointments in advance. 

In accordance to our cancellation policy, the stylists of Ninety West beauty lounge may refuse pre-scheduled service booking  for clients with chronic no-shows and last-minute appointment cancellations.


To our guests using card payments and checks:
Our accounting policy requires that all gratuities are kept separate from service payments. (Services are paid to the salon and tips are paid to the stylist).Your service provider(s) will gladly accept your gratuities when given to them personally in the form of cash or check.  We do accept payments for our services in the form of personal checks or credit/debit cards, however we do not process gratuities as an additional charge during those transactions. Please understand that we will not be able to make exceptions.


Pricing for our salon services are based on the experience and education of the individual stylist, along with the demands for their time. 

Service prices vary by specialist and start at the prices listed. if you are seeking a specific pricing point, we are more than happy to provide options for you within the services of our stylists.

Please note that our service pricing may increase based on additional time or product required to accommodate very thick or long hair.

All prices are subject to change and do not include gratuity.

In the case of any dissatisfaction with a service you have received, we are happy to provide to you the opportunity to return to the salon for us to redo the service.

Our policy for a redo service is that you must call us within ten (10) business days of the original service and that the redo be scheduled with the same stylist who provided the service.

In the case that the original stylist has no time available an exception may be made, and the redo may be scheduled with another member of our team. 

Returns of unopened or defective products are not an issue and we would be happy to swap it out or refund it at your choice. 

Salon merchandise may be returned for exchange or salon credit. Hair brushes may not be returned due to health and sanitation code. Products may not be returned after 60 days from purchase. 

Frequently asked questions

How far in advance should I book my appointment?

Most of our guests pre-schedule during the checkout process and leave the salon with something on the books. If you are unable to do so, we understand, but we highly recommend that you book your appointments as early as possible. During peak times such as evenings or Saturdays, we experience a high booking rate, so if you need to request an appointment during those times, you may experience a delay of up to 4 weeks between the time that you call/email and the date of your visit. We do our absolute best to close this gap, but we thank you for your patience in advance if we are unable to see you as soon as you might have hoped.

How often should I be seen for maintainence on my hair?

Haircuts: 4-8 weeks* Single process coloring: 4-6 weeks* Highlights: 8 weeks Balayage: 12 weeks *Your stylist will recommend when to come in for a follow up visit based on your individual needs, and will also provide you with a care regimen to prolong the life of your color and style.

How do I pay for my services and how do I tip my stylist?

Per our accounting procedure we keep all service payments and tips separate. SERVICES-the salon accepts payments in the form of cash, check or credit/debit card. All checks should be written to "Ninety West" or "Ninety West beauty lounge". TIPS-Our stylists appreciate your tips and accept them in the form of cash, check or Venmo. All checks given as gratuity need to be written out to the stylist. All Venmo payments are for gratuity purposes only and your stylist will gladly provide her handle or scan code to you during checkout.

Why does the salon charge for cancellations?

When you cancel an appointment with little to no notice, your stylist misses the opportunity to perform a service, and as a result loses potential earnings. If no service was rendered and it is too late to pull a guest off the waiting list, we then charge a late cancellation or no-show fee. Your stylist appreciates your business, however in the event that you miss an appointment we do charge as a means of paying for their time. This is also a courtesy to our other guests. For example: You really would like to get an appointment on a Saturday morning at 10 a.m. but your stylist doesn't have that time available, so she puts you on the waiting list. Then, that day, the person in that time slot calls last minute to say that they won't be making it. At that point it might be too late to call you to come in. This scenario could have been easily remedied had the other guest called the day before. You would have been much happier had you known that the other guest wasn't keeping her appointment, and your stylist would have been happy to have had a client in the chair.

Do I need to give notice if I want to change or cancel only SOME of what I booked?

Yes. If you intend on changing the original plan for your hair at any appointment, you do need to let your stylist know in advance. This can affect how much time is required for your visit and if need be we might need to make alterations to the schedule to accomodate you. We DO charge for partial cancellations. For example: You are scheduled for a highlight and a haircut but decide that you would only like a haircut. In this case please give us at least 24 hours notice so that we may cancel that portion of your services, and allow other clients the opportunity to see that stylist. If you do not notify us, this unfortunately leaves your stylist with empty space on the books and we thus consider it a last minute cancellation.

Can I bring my child with me to my appointment?

We do love kids when they are guests in the chair themselves, but otherwise we recommend that children are left at home so that our clients may relax without any distractions. We currently do not have the space to entertain children, so even the best of kids can often find themselves bored and sometimes fussy. Your time here is very important to us, and our goal is to keep our environment as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

How do I get in touch with someone if the salon is closed?

Our phone line is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00p.m. If you call during these hours and noone is available, leave us a message and we promise to get back to you. If you do not leave a message, we might not be able to see that we missed you. In the event that you left us a message and feel that we still may have missed you, please reach out to us via email. During off hours, the phone system shuts off. If the salon is closed and you must get in touch, (i.e you need to reschedule a Tuesday appointment and we are closed on Sunday and Monday) we recommend that you reach us through email. This is an effective way of keeping in accordance with our cancellation policy. Also, our email response time is quicker than if you were to wait for a call back the next day (which is why we do not have overnight voicemail). Our email address is ninetywestbeautylounge@gmail.com or you can reply to any of our automated itinerary or confirmation emails regarding appointments. You cannot reply to our subscription emails such as newsletters.

Why don't you allow new clients to make their own online appointments?

If you are reading this, you must be new. Welcome! We want to ensure that your first visit with us is seamless and that there is more than enough time to consult with you, provide your first service and also make sure all of your questions are answered. In order to do that, we schedule new guest visits a little bit differently than our follow ups. If you prefer to set up your first visit without having to pick up the phone, don't worry, simply go to our new clients page and submit an inquiry form. Someone will email you within 24 hours and help set up the appointment for you. Once you are established, your stylsit will direct you on how to create an online account and what services you should be booking.

Can I schedule an appointment online for someone else using my account?

No. We do require that each guest has their own account due to the custom timing feature that we use. Each guest is unique, so we set up how much time we need per client. The system recognizes who you are when you log in and knows what time slots to suggest for you. This guarantees that the arrival time you choose is sufficient for the services you are requesting. For example: If a guest with short hair is set at 30 minutes for a blowout, and her friend wants to schedule under her account, we may experience schedule conflicts if that friend shows up needing over an hour for her long, thick hair. Even if that friend is already a client, we still require that she uses her own account to avoid any mishaps.