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Wish List

Orphans of the Storm is located at 2200 Riverwoods Road, Riverwoods (Deerfield), IL 60015

Most needed items

  • Wet cat food (This is much needed to help keep costs down)

  • Dog or cat toys

Items they use every day

  • Newspaper (They go through 100 a day!)

  • Blankets and comforters (During the winter months every dog goes to bed with a blankie –not too large or heavy as they wash and dry every blanket daily)

  • Towels (Next time you buy new towels or bedspread, don’t throw out the old ones -- bring them to us. Your old comforter can truly be a comfort to a shelter animal.)

  • Dog bones, chew bones, treats, balls

  • Cat trees, toys, beds, treats

  • Sturdy dog and cat combs and brushes

  • Human baby food (Meat based only, for sick cats)

  • Cat litter

  • Baking soda (To control cat litter odor)

  • Orthopedic beds with pillows (for our older, sick dogs and cats)

Recommended foods specific to the needs of the Orphans.

  • Pedigree (dry), Mighty Dog (canned dog food), Beneful Prepared, and Cesar’s

  • ProPlan (dry kitten food)

  • Friskies and Sheba (canned cat food) and Fancy Feast

Housekeeping items

  • Paper towels, trash bags (industrial), dish soap (Dawn or Joy), Mr. Clean, bleach, toilet brushes (for scrubbing surfaces throughout the shelter), laundry soap and dryer sheets.

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