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How we give back

We believe that as a company it is our responsibility to do good things beyond our own doors, and make every effort to give back in a charitable way. We also believe that charitable giving should go on for more than just a season. In the winter of 2017, we officially announced our sponsorship of Orphans of the Storm®, a non-profit animal relief shelter based out of Deerfield Illinois. Our sponsorship involves our efforts to serve as a designated donation site on their behalf, spreading awareness by encouraging  adoptions and getting involved with regular volunteer days at the shelter

We chose to sponsor Orphans of the Storm because we firmly believe that they are a cause worthy of our support. Many of their adoptable pets are rescued from shelters in rural Tennessee, where they would otherwise be put down. The Orphans team travels continually to evacuate as many healthy pets as possible, bringing adoptable animals to the Chicago area, saving them from euthanasia and finding them happy forever homes.


Their mission: “To take responsibility for each and every orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected dog and cat which reaches our doors; to take them in and shelter them; to provide the best medical and physical care possible for them; to nurture them back to health if need be; and finally to place them into warm, loving, adoptive homes where they can enjoy the lives they deserve.”

As an official OOTS donation site, we encourage clients and the people of our community to drop off items from their wish list at the salon for our staff to collect on behalf of the shelter. We deliver the items to their adoption center on a regular basis.


On their Wish List you will find the items that we will be accepting. Donations can be made during regular business hours at our Higgins Avenue location. Orphans of the Storm® relies heavily on these items to offset their cost of operations. With your help we are providing relief for shelter animals. Your contribution makes a difference! CLICK HERE to see a modified wish list for our specific location.

We are honored and so proud to sponsor this wonderful organization with the help of our staff, clients and community members, and we thank you for your generosity. And of course, we hope to inspire you to visit Orphans of the Storm® and find your forever friend. 


If you would like to lend financial support to Orphans of the Storm, you may make your donation on their website here.

On behalf of Orphans of the Storm®, thank you!
- The team at Ninety West

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